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15th - 22nd June 2019

Wondering if you're ready to join me on one of my upcoming Tours? Maybe you're thinking you'd like to build on your existing photography skills at one of our educational Workshops, instead? To find out more please read Workshops vs Tours.

If you decided to accompany me during my next photography tour I am inviting you for a great adventure - an Equine Photography Tour in Poland - the capital of many different and rare breeds.

ABOUT OUR TOUR - Poland is my country of origin, where I started my journey with equine photography. As the country closest to my heart, I will recommend this place for everyone. Poland is not very well known because of horses, but indeed we have many very different and beautiful breeds. Enriching variety of breeds, Poland also offer constantly changing landscape.
The main purpose of this event is to let photographers to capture on their images variety of Polish breeds which permanently etched into the history and culture of their country such as Arabian, Polish Draft, primitive Hucul and Konik, Polish Warmbloods. In addition to the palette of Polish breeds I will also share with you some places with other European breeds.
Participation in this Tour is a great opportunity to build your own portfolio and to improve your photography skills through the many opportunities which I hope to provide you with!
Traveling from place to place across Poland, you will have the great pleasure to meet one of the best Polish breeds, but also to discover their history.
During this exclusive trip I will share with you several of my favorite, select places to photograph horses. I want to give you this opportunity to capture many breeds on backdrop of mountains, fields and forests, old agricultural buildings, maybe even on the beach, herds of horses at liberty, stallions in movement, portraits.


  • Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołajek - Orgaziner and hosting photographer
    I am an award-winning international equine photographer whose images of horses regularly appear in calendars, books, and on the covers of many equestrian magazines across the world. My latest success was winning 1st place in the 2016 National Geographic Poland Great Photography Contest in the Animals category, and  being recognised as one of the top ten Best Equine Photographers in the World. With 10 years of experience in traveling and photographing horses, I do my best to choose incredible locations and the most spectacular horses for your images. Whenever possible, we will photograph horses in their natural environment or traditional arrangement. 
  • Krzysztof Mikołajek - Backstage and logistic
    Kris is responsible for the organization and logistics of the tours in every visited country. The planning is not the only of Kris's tasks. He also takes care of the group. During our journeys and photo sessions Kris is my main assistant and documents our every day through backstage film and photographs.

PHOTO SESSIONS - Please bring with you a DSLR camera. Conditions mostly allow for shooting with a lens such as 70-200mm, 300mm, 200-400mm and sometimes wider (around 35mm or 50mm). Don’t forget to also bring a laptop or other device to safely store your photos from your memory cards. Each day of our Tour will be focused on making new photographs. Most days will include 2 unique sessions. To capture the best photos, we will photograph mostly during the mornings and afternoons. It is possible that some of the sessions might take place during the day, depending on weather conditions and the working hours of studs or horse owners. Respecting the work of ourselves and fellow photographers, please be careful during the sessions to do not get into each other’s frames. Please note that this Tour is not a Workshop. The hosting photographer is not obligated to coach participants; I only lead the sessions and organise the models and locations. Everyone works toward their own photography goals, and I encourage ideas and suggestions during the sessions.

ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE - Our first photo session will be scheduled for the afternoon of the 15th of June. Please plan your arrival to Wroclaw in early hours the same day or the day before if needed. Your pick-up will be arranged from Wroclaw airport or from the bus/train center station. Our last session will be scheduled for the evening of the 22nd of June. Please book your departure from Wroclaw airport or bus/train station for the 23rd of June. Your transport to the airport will be arranged for this day. If you need to come earlier or stay longer, please do not hesitate to ask me for a help to arrange accommodation or transport directions. 

ACCOMMODATION - The price for this tour includes 8 nights starting from night of the 15th of June, and ending on the night of the 22nd of June. During our tour we will stay in a variety of places and accommodation types. Generally, participants will be accommodated in their own rooms, however, such conditions are not guaranteed. It is possible that we might stay together in cozy cottages where we may need to share our rooms.

MEALS - Please note that the price of the tour does not include meal expenses. Each day we will visit restaurants or small bars for our lunch, and will enjoy breakfast and supper at our hotel, or at a nearby restaurant. The type of restaurant will be chosen by the group. Average prices for meals in Poland is from 10zł for small tapas or breakfasts, to 30zł for a big meal. Every participant must pay for their own meals - we do not split the bills.

TRAVELING - Please be prepared that we will spend a lot of time in our car, traveling from place to place across Poland, travelling approximately 2000km. On journeys of more than 2 hours, a break will be planned. Because of limited space in our van, please limit your luggage to one big suitcase and one small carry-on luggage.

WEATHER - Summer is an exelent time to photographs horses in Poland. All plants are already fully green, sunrises and sunsets are often very clear, rain is not so often. The average temperature in June during the day is 22*C and 13*C during the nights. 
Over the past few years, the weather across Europe has been very strange, which makes it difficult to predict. For this reason, please be prepared for rainy days as much as for hot and sunny. We will photograph regardless of weather conditions.

FREE TIME - When we’re not in a photo session or traveling, everyone is welcome to enjoy their free time. Some of you will want to stay in the hotel to enjoy a break, but I also truly recommend getting out to discover a little bit of Poland. We will visit a few historic areas and cities. Taking part of touring is not obligated and tickets to extra attractions are not included in price.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - The currency in Poland is the PLN zł (polish zloty).  Electric voltage is 220V, 50 Hz, the electric plug has two round pins, so participants from other continents might need a converter/adapter. 
I recommend purchasing the basic travel insurance. In case of any health issue, please inform me before booking the tour.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have 

! 15th June 2019 - 22nd June 2019

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