Jo & Nic Hansford
Workshop in Poland

We didn't know what to expect when we headed to Poland early April to meet Katarzyna and do a workshop with her. We're seasoned photographers, who have our own successful business - we've been photographing horses for the last 4 years, weddings for 15 years. We like to be forward thinking and open as a business, so for us, this was an opportunity to see someone else work, to see things with fresh eyes and gain some new insights, perspectives and inspiration. Kasia didn't disappoint, and we loved our time in the mountains with her and husband Kris at Podolin Stud. We felt Kasia was very generous in sharing her experience and inspiration with us, and also in sharing her ways of working. We also loved the beautiful setting of the mountains and woods of rural Poland, and we left feeling refreshed and inspired for our own work - which was exactly what we had hoped for! Thank you for an amazing experience Kasia & Kris, and also for just being fun and easy going people, we really enjoyed having chilled out evenings chatting as well as working together! We're sure we will be back!!

Josée Talbot, Canada
Workshop in Canada

"I participated at the Equine Photography by Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołajek’s workshop at Cavaland in October 2016. I was a fan of her work for a while and when I learned she would be offering this workshop so close to home, it was with excitement that I decided to be part of it. I never regreted it! Kasia is so passionate about photographing horses that she inspired us, encouraging us to get out of our comfort zone and try new things. She was so generous of her knowledge, answering our many questions with patience. Cavaland’s team was amazing too! On the second day of the workshop, it was raining a lot, but Kasia didn’t let that get in her way. She arranged a shooting in the theatre, with special lightings and all… It was AMAZING! Everything was so well planned! The hotel was great and all was included, so no hassle for us. The group was fun and I made new friends. Thank you Kasia for this amazing workshop!"

Nancy Clarke, U.K.
Tour in Spain & Camargue Workshop

“Since before I could speak I have been transfixed by horses. It is only in the last year or so that I decided to see if I could learn to use a DSLR camera to capture the indescribable magic of horses. In looking at various images online I found the most inspiration in Kasia’s equine enigmas. When I realised that Kasia ran workshops and tours I had no question in my mind that I would be joining one, and if I had my way, involving the amazing horses of Spain and the Carmargue. From my initial query to meeting her at the start of the tour, Kasia was incredibly helpful and encouraging. No fewer than about 3 hours after meeting we were shooting absolutely stunning Spanish PRE-horses in the most atmospheric of settings. I felt at this early stage on Day 1, utterly bowled over by the experience, yet every single day these amazing horses (and there world class trainers) and well-researched backdrops (sunrises, sunsets, mountains, sea, meadows, valleys, monasteries, national studs, horse fairs) kept being presented by Kasia and her colleagues. As a complete beginner I learnt so much and from complete scratch. I am not sure I will ever have a photography experience that tops it. And there was so much about spending this quality time and journey with Kasia, Kris and all the lovely people on the adventure that also made it one of the most magical and memorable experiences of my life. I don’t want to miss out so I am going on more of Kasia’s amazing tours just in case!”

Andrée-Anne Brunet, Canada
Workshops: Canada 2016, Tours: Poland 2017

I participated in Kasia’s 2017 Poland Tour during July for 10 days. While I was a little hesitant at first attending as it would be my first time heading across the world, I am so glad I made the decision to attend. It is the most fun you will ever have while taking photos. Kasia and Kris organize amazing trips of seeing the sites of the country you are in while also having multiple sessions a day at sunrise and sunset. While the days are long and you spend the majority of your time in the car, the photographs you get during those 10 days are amazing. You become very close with the photographers you met on the trip, creating life-long friends. The horses and landscapes are always beautiful and Kasia always makes sure that you are having a great time while participating. I highly recommend to book with her if you want to build your portfolio and meet international photographers.

Herbert Kiebler, Germany
Workshops: Poland 2015, Tours: Camargue & Spain 2016, Great Britain 2017, Canada 2018

have been taking pictures for a long time but With the first workshop in Podolin / Poland my pictures got a development from shots to pictures. The intensive photography in the circle of professional has done that. In 2016, the Carmaque came with the legendary white horses and the most intense colors in nature. Following was the spanish tour, where I received access to noble horses like never before. 2017 the Great Britain Tour on Fell, Exmoore and Dartmoore we were so close to nature as never before. In 2018 I started with the Winter Wonderland Canada Tour. Again a week loaded with a full program. In the result with breathtaking pictures and impressions. I will do it again.

Elsa Marchenay, Australia
Tours: Spain 2017

I came across Katarzyna's photos flicking through Facebook one day and just fell in love with her work. Every single image I was looking at had "Something", even a simple portrait was more than a simple portrait and it was WOW! I remember that photo of Arabian horses cantering down the hill, only the first horses were in focus. The light was great, it had a story, I love that image! When I saw on her website that she was doing a tour in Spain, I watched the video advertising the tour and that was it, I had to join! So I did, and I will never regret it, it was worth every penny ! The settings where just incredible, the locations, the stunning horses, the amazing people, everything was there and Katarzyna was always there to help if needed, she was very patient and open to new suggestions. It was an amazing experience and I will definitely join again one day! But which tour to pick?!? They are all incredible!

Eleszabeth McNeel, USA
Tours: Spain 2016

I had the privilege of joining Katarzyna Okrzesik on her tour of Spain 2017. Kasia and her husband, Krzysztof Mikolajek, were gracious hosts and took excellent care of the participants. I chose to participate in this event because of the opportunities promised in the advertising to photograph beautiful horses in gorgeous settings of Spain. And Kasia did not disappoint! It was exciting to photograph horses in unusual settings (beach, monastery, castle, churches, vineyard, wheat fields) while demonstrating the relationship between trainer and horse in executing historical movements related to the Spanish horse. The trip was wonderful and magical, and my portfolio has improved and expanded. I am still working on the over 9,000 shots that I took! The beauty of Spain, the warmness of the Spanish people, the devotion of the trainers, and the extraordinary ability of a breed of horses kept pure for ages, made this a trip of a lifetime, and I thank both Kasia and Krzys from the bottom of my heart! Already signed up for another trip with Kasia!

Tilda Josefsson, Sweden
Tours: Spain 2016 & Poland 2017

My first tour I participated in by Katarzyna was Spain Tour 2016. Katarzyna has been inspiration and a big idol to me for many years and it was unbelievable that I would join the tour. Sessions were organised for mornings and afternoon/ evenings and we traveled during the day or late night which suited me well. We visited studs one can only dream of. Some of my favorites were Paco Marti, Sierra de la Espada and Cardenas. The group worked great together and quickly became friends which had a big impact to over-all atmosphere. Thanks to this tour I grew as a photographer as well as a person and gained knowledge in photography and post processing. This was the greatest trip I ever had done and I gained experience and close friends for life. The year after I booked a spot for Poland tour and 2018 I will join Katarzyna to the Alps. I never get enough from her marvellous tours!

Laurie Thomson, Canada
Tours: Canada 2018

Katarzyna’s Canada 2018 Winter Tour was exceptional as it provided different locations and different horses each day during an intense week of travel and adventure! I have attended an average of five workshops per year for the last eight years with a variety of topics and when I read about this tour, thought I should check it out and am glad that I did! While changing hotels frequently or managing my gear in difficult shooting conditions was not aways easy, the results were more than worth it. I trusted Katarzyna to get us to the shoots and knew that she had researched each area thoroughly so that we were given unparalleled access to the best of the region. My initial concerns that it was going to be too difficult went away by the third day as I relaxed and relied on her to do what she does best - getting her participants the best horse experience possible. I look forward to future tours with her (Canada July 2018 and Poland 2018) and am grateful that I found her.

Malin Wengdahl, Sweden
Workshops: Poland 2015, Tours: Camargue & Spain 2016

To join Katarzyna in Spain and France was one of the best two investment I’ve made. Not only because of all the great photos I got for my portfolio but also because of all the amazing horse models I would never find at home, because of all the friends I made and because of that special time we shared. It was all very professionally organized but still with great portion of fun and laughter. So relaxing to have all these photo sessions planned for you, and even though it was organized by her we all had opportunity to give suggestions to bring out the best in the photos. I feel that I learned a lot and developed as a photographer during this tour. I would love to join again!

Kelly Mazur, USA
Tours: Camargue & Spain 2016, Poland 2017

Wonderful people, great food, and beautiful horses are just some of the amazing things i can say about Katarzyna OM equine photography tours. From the beaches of Camargue, France, known for the beautiful white horses coming out of the ocean, to the streets of Barcelona, we got to explore and meet so many wonderful people that have a true passion for horses on the tour in Spain with her. I enjoyed her first trip so much that I needed and wanted to explore more of Europe with Katarzyna and so led to the adventure of Poland. Her and her husband Krzysztof went out of their way to make everyone happy and create wonderful scenes for us to photograph. Katarzyna is one of the kindest and most welcoming person I have ever met. My mother and I will be attending a third tour with her to the Alps this year. It doesn’t get any better to get to see these countries and cultures behind the scenes because of the wonderful connections she had made with so many people across the world. Be careful once you start a trip with Katarzyna because you will be addicted and want to attend more and more.