1. The Participant holds copyright to the photographs made by him/her during the Tour, and is allowed to publish and post them on social media and other websites, as well as commercial use of photographs made by the Participant during the Tour.
  2. Teaching and coaching is not provided on this Tour.
  3. Participants must credit “Equine Photography Tour with Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołajek” when publishing or posting photographs online made during the Tour.
  4. Participants must credit horse owners or studs, and horses names when publishing or posting photographs online taken of their animals. 
  5. Owners of horses have the right to use any of photographs, taken by any photographer on that Tour, to promote their own studs and horses.
  6. The Participant allows the Tour to be filmed and recorded.
  7. Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołąjek and any of her team member are not responsible for any personal injury or damage to property arising from incidents occurring at the Tour venue.
  8. Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołąjek reserves the right to refuse participation during the Tour for Participants who are not willing to cooperate with the group and/or who do not respect the work and participation of others.
  9. Deposit in amount of 1400.00 $CAD is non-refundable.
  10. Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołąjek has the right to cancel the event if the number of participants does not reaches a minimum of 3, then the payment will be returned.
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